The DSRDA has undertaken a thorough risk assessment and analysis on the upcoming season and major events in relation to the most recent advice provided by Federal and State Government regarding static mass-gatherings of over 500 people. 

In unprecedented times, the health and safety of our competitors, crew, volunteers, members and patrons is paramount and must rely on the advice and legislation provided by the authorities. Additional to the advice provided, the DSRDA aligns with the tools and methodology currently being used by the industry to implement the appropriate precautions. Currently, the Executive Committee will be making all decisions for DSRDA promoted events that fall within a 90-day window and applying the current National advice being provided.

Under that scheme, there are 6 meetings that the DSRDA have decided to either postpone or cancel. All Darwin Title events that were scheduled during this period will be re-scheduled over a double header weekend in September. The proposed Mick Taylor Memorial race will be re-scheduled for Saturday, 25 July. The 90-day planning scope has Opening Night re-scheduled for Saturday, 27 June.

The COVID-19 situation Nationally and Globally is evolving daily and requires continuous monitoring and flexibility for Event Promoters. Every scheduled event that reaches the 90-day cusp will be subject to the current advice being issued by State and Federal Authorities. At this stage, all scheduled events from Saturday, 27 June including Chariot​s of Thunder are still progressing as planned and will undergo evaluation as required.

The DSRDA will look to reduce its risk where possible, therefore contingency planning decisions will be implemented which include delayed opening of nominations and online ticket sales.

We understand in uncertain times, you will all have questions on the further impacts and planning required. As information becomes available or circumstances change, we will provide updates. 

We thank you all for your patience and understanding and look forward to bringing the Speedway community together in June.

Kind Regards,

Caleb Gotts - DSRDA President