The DSRDA is a successful recipient of the Immediate Works Grant valued at $58,690. This grant is being used towards improving the venues safety by constructing and installing stairs and handrails that assists within patrons moving up and down the hill. In order to achieve the best result, the DSRDA is required to provide a further $8,000 investment on top of the $58,690 funding provided.
The DSRDA Executive committee continue to have a balanced approach about the needs and priorities of competitors, volunteers and spectators. DSRDA President, Caleb Gotts said “We continue to look for additional financial support from Government to better improve the club holistically. We have been very fortunate to secure multiple funding streams which has help offset costs or provided much needed improvements. The DSRDA also recently were approved for $4,500 to provide first aid training to our volunteers and $10,000 to help offset water sewerage costs. This financial support not only enhances our club but assists with the financial strain put on the club due to Coronavirus.”
The contract for the construction of the staircase and hand rails has been awarded a local business, J&M Contractors. They have commenced and it is scheduled to be completed in advance of the 2021 season.
The DSRDA would like to thank the Northern Territory Government and Department of Trade, Business and Innovation for their support.